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    Bamboo Flooring and Why You Should Buy It

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-06-16 15:01     view:1779   comment:1   source:


    The benefits of wooden flooring is well known to most DIY renovators.

    Wooden flooring is warm on your feet it is easy to maintain and keep clean and if kept polished always looks absolutely brand-new.

    Bamboo flooring is particularly trendy and has many advantages over the different timbers.

    Here are eight reasons why you should buy bamboo flooring

    1. Bamboo is tough and is up to 73% harder than Jarrah and other hard timbers

    2. There is no mess with Bamboo whereas Timber needs to be coated inside your home, bamboo does not.

    3. Bamboo gives you a fresh, warm new look compared to timber.

    4. Bamboo is quick to install in comparison to Timber which takes weeks to lay.

    5. Bamboo is forest friendly and grows 30cm a day.

    6. Bamboo comes in a variety of colours.

    7. Bamboo is warmer to walk on in comparison to Timber.

    8. Bamboo flooring is suitable for every style of interior design, whether for your home, office, studio or public buildings. Bamboo flooring creates a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

    Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home the flooring that you select is most important. Before you select lino, carpet or ceramic tiles I highly recommend that you investigate timber of flooring and in particular bamboo.

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