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    Door Hardware: A New Generation of Safety and Security

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    As managers search for door hardware products that provide enhanced security for their facilities, manufacturers continue their efforts to meet these demands and, at the same time, deliver products that can withstand long-term use and abuse. By understanding advances in key door hardware products, managers can more effectively specify products that will offer durability and long-term performance.

    Expanding offerings
    Variety is the watchword in recent door hardware innovations. Door locks are an example: Manufacturers are offering many more designs and accessories than ever. A random look at offerings uncovers: • hardware models that fit more than 100 door preps
    • fewer parts for easier installation
    • latch-bolt retraction with only 45 degrees of rotation
    • torx and spanner screw fasteners to resist tampering
    • high-security designs for vandalism-prone installations
    • more than a dozen designs for specific applications, such as storerooms, closets, entrances, classrooms, hotels, dormitories, and corridors
    • special classroom security functionality with inside and outside key locks
    • multiple lever designs for easier accessibility
    • easier cylinder removal
    • several designs for the rose — the plate between the door and knob — to cover different door preps

    models with EPA-approved antimicrobial silver-based finish coating to suppress bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.

    Then there is the maintenance manager’s and carpenter’s productivity bonus: special packaging that includes logical component layout, instructions and tools that allow the installer to fit the hardware intuitively, often in one-third less time than required with conventional packaging.

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