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    Considerations in Selecting a Hardware Manufacturer

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-05-27 17:07     view:930   comment:0   source:

    Selection of a hardware manufacturer with the ability and the technologies to implement the design is vital to a successful application. The manufacturer should offer a range of options in cohesive styles, materials, and design appearances, thus allowing the design professional to create the desired aesthetic look. The choices for lever, knob, escutcheon, patina, in various sizes to work with the size and scale of the project, contribute to an integrated end result.

    Ideally, hardware manufacturers should possess custom capabilities, allowing each piece to be as individual as the spaces they complement and the people who design and use them. Design professionals should consider manufacturers with in-house engineering and design teams, capable of collaborating with architects to translate design ideas into aesthetic and functional spaces. Additionally, manufacturers offering other complementary accessories, such as hinges, doorstops, surface and cane bolts, doorknockers, and doorbell buttons, will simplify implementation of the design concept throughout the project.

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