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    Basic Issues Guiding Hardware & Selection Choices

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    Typically, the driving force behind selecting different hardware is based on the necessary function, and the basic distinction is between indoor and outdoor applications. Most exterior doors lock, and in many cases the doors are larger in scale (taller, wider, heavier, and carry more hardware) than interior doors. This is especially true of entry doors. In order to hold larger and sturdier locking mechanisms, such as a mortise lock, selecting doors with larger stiles, which provide more room for the trim, is fundamental to having more options in hardware selection. The mortise lock, which integrates the locking and latching mechanisms into a single cartridge style lock, is inset within the width of the door and is set within the stile, the vertical structural member of the door.

    Many interior doors contain a locking mechanism, but these tend to be smaller than those that secure homes. This varies based on residential and commercial applications. Another broad assumption is that interior doors are not required to meet all of the stringent impact codes, especially relating to hurricanes and high wind conditions that exterior doors are often subject to. This also varies with application, particularly for interior doors in commercial and hospitality settings.

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