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    Door Locks From a Burglar's Perspective

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-05-13 17:40     view:1024   comment:0

    Burglars prefer to break into a home through a door because it is quick and easy.

    A good quality lock is a deterrent. When intruders are interviewed about the selection of a target, many say seeing quality deadbolt locks will cause them to move on to another house.

    A burglar can enter the home through a door using several methods:

    • The door can be left unlocked.
    • Doors can be kicked in.
    • Door locks can be picked.
    • Door locks can be hammered until they fall off.
    • Doors can be pried open.
    • Door frames can be spread apart with a spreader bar.
    • Door locks can be "drilled out" using a power drill.
    • Locks can be pried off with pipe wrenches or pliers.
    • Panes of glass in or beside doors can be broken so the intruder can reach in and unlock the lock.
    • Sometimes thieves obtain a copy of the house key from an acquaintance.

    Remember, the intruder will select the door that looks easiest to break into and that offers the least chance of being seen.

    Doors going into the garage and going from an attached garage into the house many times offer an intruder the opportunity to hide from view while they are breaking in. Extra thought should go into the security at these locations.

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