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    WinterProof Your Doors and Windows

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-05-09 14:29     view:995   comment:0

    There is no such thing as winterproof, but a little added attention to the doors and windows in you house can save you big bucks in heating costs (and in cooling next year). And don’t assume that since you just bought your house, the last owners were conscious of saving on their heating bill.

    I bought a house that had recently been rehabed or so I thought. We made through last winter. This spring I thought I would check my windows just in case. Every one of the 13 windows in the house had not been caulked in on the outside. I did this after I ran the sprinkler too close to the house and found a puddle under one of the windows from the water running down the window and into the wall.

    So take a look around the outside of your house for gaps between your windows and doors and the permanent structure. These should all be sealed with caulk.

    Now take a look from the inside. Your door’s weather-stripping should be intact. If not, check one of our sites and we may have replacement weatherstripping available. While you are looking at the doors, check your door bottom or sweep. These need to be check periodically. They constantly brush against the threshold of the door and eventually the rubber begins to tear.

    If there is a gap between the bottom of your door and the threshold, you can adjust this gap out with the threshold. If the top of your threshold has two big screw head either visible or underneath a cap of some kind, it is adjustable. Adjust the threshold slowly, one turn at a time until you have a proper fit.

    Also check your storm doors to be sure that they are closing properly. A storm door swinging in the wind defeats the whole purpose of having the thing in the first place.

    Check your windows also. Their weatherstripping should be intact also. Contact a local window dealer or one of our websites to find the correct weatherstripping for your windows.

    The whole point is to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Anything that helps you accomplish this goal will save you money on your heating bills this winter.

    You're welcome to visit our corporate blog to get more information and to interact with us at

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