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    Removing A Bi-Fold Door Is Easy

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-05-07 17:05     view:22686   comment:0

    If there is a problem in opening a door due to less space, try the bi-fold doors which are a great way to save doors. Generally, these doors are used for closets but can be used in case of room doors. The Bi-fold doors are made of wood, plastic and metal panels and have width of about 2 feet. They are hinged together in the lengthwise manner and in pairs. Bi-fold doors can be a combination of one or more pairs and fixed in such a manner that they are installed on one side of the opening and is pulled all the way across to close it. Another way of installation is to install it on either side of the opening and pulling them together to meet in the middle.

    They are guided by an overhead track but the major role in balancing the doors is of the pivot. It is attached to the floor on the side of the wall and manages the whole weight of the door. The pivot placed at the door’s top helps in holding the assembly erect and straight. There are many varieties of bi-fold doors like hollow doors, patterned doors, plain flush, doors with glass panel and molding and even multi fold door with around eight folds. Solid bi-fold doors come with a timber frame of 30mm and with a finished skin. There is a choice in skin as you can choose from maple veneer or stained and even primed MDF skin.

    They are a good option for wet areas like bathrooms but don’t forget to seal them so as they don’t get destroyed by water. They are even good for kid’s room though they might not be sound proof but can help in reducing sound. A basic bi-fold door comes for $160 and can go up to $500 for gazed doors. One problem that comes with bi-fold doors is that they get stuck because of dirty roller. Mud, hair and food get circulated around the door’s rollers hindering their movement. These can be treated by removing the door and cleaning the rollers or if it doesn’t get working, call a professional to fix it up.

    There are three easy steps to fix a troubling bi-fold door:

    1. Firstly remove the door by raising it up and pull it out of the pivot at the bottom. Swing it away from the bottom bracket and then pull the top pivot out the bracket.

    2. Once you are done with removing the door you can simply loosen the adjusting screws and sliding the bracket in desirable direction is possible. Whatever is the problem, like doors not meeting in the middle or they get too hard on closing or they don’t close at all, can be solved by moving the top and bottom pivot in the desired direction.

    3. These doors have a liner on the inside near the bottom of the door which holds them close in case of normal wear and tear. If this has happened then just use a pliers and straighten them.

    So, removing a bi-fold door is not a task but should be done carefully so that the brackets are not damaged.

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