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    Cabinet Hinges

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-04-23 14:03     view:551   comment:0

    Elegant and decorative cabinet hinges are available in the market. Selection of hinges should be done with extra care since they have the ability to compliment the cabinet knobs and pulls. Wide ranges of hinges are available so that selection can be done accordingly.

    Concealed hinges are invisible and cannot be seen when the cabinet is closed. They can be either cup hinges or knife hinges that forms a part of the European style. But a slot can be seen at the corner edge of the cabinet door in case of knife hinges.

    Single and double varieties are provided in demountable hinges. Single demounts needs a special cutting slot on the door during the new installation. It can be screwed on to the edge of the face frame directly. The double demounts requires machine for new installations on the door and frame. Free swinging hinges do not involve any mechanism. The hinges may be concealed or visible inset or overlay.

    The cabinet door is restricted to opening of the door with the help of inset hinges. When a crack can be visibly seen in between the cabinet door and the frame full inset hinge can be inserted. Different varieties of concealed hinges are also known as knife hinges. These types of hinges need a saw cut or saw cut inside the door.

    The hinge can be mounted from the backside of the door and up to the corner edge of face frame. The cabinet can be mounted with the help of the mounting plate. Concealed hinges can be used for mounting cabinets. Overlay is the distance between the extension of cabinet door and the actual opening of the cabinet door on the side of the hinge.

    Self closing hinges enables the closure of the cabinet door if the closed position is at a particular distance from the cabinet. Semi concealed hinges are visible partially when the door of the cabinet is closed. The hinge might be visible on certain style.

    The front and the back frame of the cabinet can be wrapped around with the help of wrap hinge. Cut hinges have sides that are unequal. They are made from extruded profiles of brass and are machined with perfect accuracy to enhance the cabinet look. All the hinges are fitted with tight steel pins with polyurethane coating which gives durable finishing.

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