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    Bifold Closet Door

    Font Size:big - mid - smallepuwei   Release time 08-04-08 14:19     view:660   comment:0

    Bifold closet doors are a space saver and allow you access to your entire closet. It is designed to fold outwards much like an accordion. Often these doors are made of two panels which are connected together by hinges and it is these hinges which allow the door to fold outwards. It can be custom made to fit any closet size.

    There are some situations where a bifold closet door would be much more effective to use. These doors are good for exceptionally large closets like those that stretch the whole length of a room. With bifold doors you are able to easily gain access to all corners of the closet space as compared to using sliding closet doors. Another situation in which you may want to utilize bifold closet doors is if you have a small space in which to fully open the closet door. Because the closet door folds on two, the space needed to open will be minimal.

    If you do decide to have this type of door installed on your closets then it is recommended to have a professional install it for you. Correct installation will ensure optimum performance of the door. Bifold closet doors run on tracks. Make sure that you put a little greasing product on the tracks so that the doors will open and close with ease. It will also minimize the stress on the mechanical parts of the door.

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